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Adopt A Veteran Program

The “ADOPT A VETERAN” program was started in 2012 and has enjoyed enthusiastic support with the community adopting 97 veterans in the first three years. The adoption fee is $1,200 and covers most of the Veterans expenses. Individuals or organizations that adopt a veteran will be listed in our banquet program and will be invited to the annual veteran reunion where they will be presented a plaque commemorating the donation. One may also “ADOPT-A-VETERAN” in memory of …….. or in honor of someone special. This dedication will be inscribed on your plaque.

Please note though that it is not necessary to “ADOPT-A-VETERAN” to make this trip a reality for a Veteran; donations of lesser amounts are also appreciated. Any monetary contribution will help. The number of veterans we can accommodate each year is totally dependent on the funds we raise.

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